Cold -vs- Flu

  • Flu season will be here soon and here is some help to distinguish between your child having a common cold or the flu:
    Your child will have a fever, usually high, with the flu and a fever is rare with a cold.  With the flu, there is usually a bad headache but rare with a cold.  You have mild aches/pains with a cold but are very achy with the flu.  Fatigue/weakness is mild with a cold but can be severe with the flu.  A stuffy nose, sneezing, and a sore throat are common with a cold but only sometimes experienced with the flu.  Coughing and chest discomfort is common with the flu but with a cold you usually have a mild hacking cough.  If your child exhibits any of the above symptoms, please keep your child home as stated under "When to  Stay Home from School".  Instead, call your child's doctor.
    If your child is diagnosed with the flu or has flu symptoms, your child must stay home from school until the student is free of fever for 24 hours with fever medication and the child feels like him or herself.
    A great website with information on the flu relating to children can be found at
    Please speak with your child's pediatrician about the flu vaccine if your child has not yet received it.