• Dear Long Memorial School Community Members,

    I am honored and proud to serve as Principal of Long Memorial School.  I have been an Elementary School Educator since 2003, and am excited to continue to grow within the Saddle Brook community.  As a mother of elementary school aged children and having taught multiple grade levels, I understand the diverse academic, developmental, and social needs of students.  I recognize the importance of building relationships with students, teachers, parents/guardians, and the community to establish a strong learning environment.  At Long Memorial School, we believe that the importance of the home and school partnership can not be understated.  We welcome your involvement in your child’s educational journey. The partnership of students, staff, and family members is a key to success.  In addition, we are truly thankful for the dedication of the Long Memorial PTO and the Saddle Brook Educational Foundation who continue to support our efforts each year.

    The Long Memorial School faculty and staff are dedicated to providing our learners with an engaging, rewarding, and safe learning environment.  Long Memorial School maintains its focus on the needs of the whole child and provides developmentally responsive programs for our students.  We are dedicated to differentiating individual learners' needs and these efforts are supported through our district-wide programs. 

    Each child's individual progress is closely monitored at Long Memorial School.  We are all here to support our students, and our greatest joy is seeing their growth and success.  Through dialogue, collaboration, and openness between all of the members of the Long Memorial School community, we will promote an exceptional learning environment.  I am truly looking forward to working with all stakeholders where we can become a community of learners who grow together!

    Yours in education,

    Mrs. Jacquelyn Mansfield, Principal