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  • Message from the Director of Special Services

    Washington School is a small elementary school which houses the district's preschool programs.  We currently offer half-day preschool integrated classes and full-day programs for students with global delays.

    An integrated program model is utlized which includes both general education and special education preschoolers - a model which experience and research demonstrates is beneficial to all. The teacher of this class is dually certified in both general and special education and includes at a minimum two paraprofessionals. Students eligible for special education are placed in the program through an evaluation process performed by the Saddle Brook Special Services department. 

    Our full-day program is modeled in the methodologies and philosophy of applied behavioral analysis.  All of the students engage in applied behavioral analysis programs within the classroom setting.  The focus of the class is to prepare these children for transition into the elementary programs within the district.  All students also receive related services as per their IEPs.

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