Honors Course Information

  • Honors Course Information

    Saddle Brook High School offers a variety of Honors courses to provide our students with a rigorous learning experience that extends beyond the curriculum requirements of the state. Students in Honors level courses should expect an increased and challenging workload in addition to higher expectations of performance. To be admitted into an Honors course, the following criteria must be met:


    • Teacher recommendations for each honors course are requested.

    • Meet all prerequisite course grade requirements as outlined in the Program of Studies.

    • A minimum overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.

    • Have less than 10 unexcused absences for the year.

    • For those not currently enrolled in Honors, a passing score on the Honors Placement Tests are held each spring.

    • For those requesting an Honors English or Math course, a passing score on the corresponding New Jersey Student Learning Assessment.


    These requirements have been designed to ensure the continued success of our students. Students who do not meet these requirements may find these courses overwhelming and should consult their guidance counselor to determine the best course of action. 


    Teacher Recommendations


    Teacher recommendations are required for each honors course in which a student would like to enroll. Recommendations for all courses are put into Genesis by the teacher. If a student is considering an Honors placement for the following school year, they should consult with the teacher of the prerequisite course. Students may also reach out to their guidance counselor for further information.


    Honors Placement Testing


    In order to be admitted to an Honors course, all students who are not currently enrolled in an 

    Honors course must take a placement test. The test is given during the spring for the following year. Tests are graded on a PASS/FAIL basis and results are turned over to the guidance office for scheduling. 


    Additional information regarding enrollment in Honors, AP, and Dual Enrollment courses can be found in our Accelerated Handbook here.


    Course Waiver Form

    The purpose of this form is to request an honors course in the event a student does not obtain a teacher recommendation. This waiver form must be completed by May 1st in order for consideration in Honors. Guidance and Administration will review each request on a case by case basis and take into account the following; overall GPA, progress in the previous course, demonstrated work ethic, and attendance. Students who waive into a course are still required to sit for the placement test. Additionally, the Guidance Department and teachers must adhere to the specific course prerequisite guidelines detailed in the Program of Studies, which can be found on our website. 


    Please be aware that in choosing more rigorous course(s), students may need additional support (attending extra help sessions, private tutoring, study groups, parental support, etc.), so as to keep up with the pace of instruction. Honors courses are significantly more rigorous in-depth and breadth, requiring students to complete assignments that are more complex at an accelerated pace. 


    Most Honors and Advanced Placement courses require summer assignments. There is NO WAIVER for this requirement. If a student fails the first marking period, the Guidance Department will remove the student from the class at that time, as per policy. This will result in a schedule change that will likely dramatically change a child’s current schedule. 


    In order to waive into a course, please fill out the Course Waiver form found here. Once you have completed the form you can print it out or email it to your guidance counselor. 

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