Department Overview

  • The English and Language Arts Department offers a full range of courses dedicated to the increased proficiency of our students in all aspects of literacy, from critical viewing of media to college-level literary analysis.  Since English is a required subject for all students in grades 7-12, our faculty strives to provide a variety of engaging learning experiences at each grade and level, exploring all literary genres and meticulously covering the basic logic and language skills necessary for effective critical thinking and communicating, the essential elements of academic, professional, and personal success.

    Electives in Journalism, Creative Writing, Drama, and SAT Preparation provide a more specific focus for students wishing to pursue the creative aspects of language arts or enhance their academic qualifications for future study.

    The focus for the department is on ensuring that all students possess the essential tools necessary for effective communication.  Grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and word usage, and spelling are addressed as tools to empower students to communicate with increased clarity, expressing complex thoughts clearly and effectively.