• Saddle Brook District Goals 2015 – 2016

    1. Create a parent education program to help build a closer home–school partnership, with a specific focus on academic topics.
    2. To better leverage technology through increased student collaboration through the use of Google Apps for Education and professional development.
    3. Design a New Student Orientation/Mentoring program that provides new students with thorough and ongoing transitional support.
    4. Create a more philosophically cohesive administrative team through the implementation of a team study group that develops conversation, empowerment and shared vision among administrative leaders.

    Saddle Brook Board of Education Goals 2015 – 2016

    1. Restructure board committees, board meetings, and public meeting agendas in order to foster opportunities for board members to be more informed and appropriately active during and in between the regular meetings.
    2. Enhance student and staff recognitions at board meetings.
    3. Continue board training through NJSBA.