• Take notice that pursuant to Section 13 of P.L. 195, Chapter 231, of the Laws of the State of New Jersey, the Saddle Brook Board of Education shall meet on the following dates, Caucus Meetings and Regular Meetings at 7:00 PM at 355 Mayhill Street, Saddle Brook, New Jersey. All meetings will be held in the Middle/High School in the Auditorium.

  • Month
    2024 15th 17th
    February 2024 21st @ 6:00pm Immediately following Caucus
    March 2024 18th 20th
    April 2024 15th 17th
    May 2024 6th 8th
    June 2024 10th 12th
    June 2024 --- 24th (Special)
    July 2024 --- ---
    August 2024 14th @ 6:00pm Immediately following Caucus
    September 2024 16th 18th
    October 2024 9th @ 6:00pm Immediately following Caucus
    November 2024 11th 13th
    December 2024 9th 11th
    January 2025 Reorganization Meeting 6th
    Note 1 – All meeting dates and times are subject to change and will be properly noticed.
    Note 2 - Action may be taken at Caucus Meetings
  • The Typical Agenda For BOE Meetings Will Be As Follows:

    1. President’s Announcement - Notice requirements of Section 13 of P.L. 19 Chapter 231 of the Laws of the State of NJ
    2. Open Meeting to the Public: (for agenda items only)
    3. Close Meeting to the Public
    4. Superintendent’s Report
    5. Board Action
    6. Committee Reports
    7. Old Business
    8. New Business
    9. Correspondence
    10. Open Meeting to the Public
    11. Close Meeting to the Public
    12. Adjournment