• Returning to his roots, Mr. Robinson comes back to his hometown of Saddle Brook as principal of Franklin School.  Joining the Franklin School community and Saddle Brook school district is a dream come true for Mr. Robinson, as he fondly remembers the school community he grew up in and his father had worked in for many years.   Throughout his career in education, Mr. Robinson has used this strong foundation that Saddle Brook has built for him, and has led with a passion for fostering student success and creating a collaborative community where students, families, and staff work together.

    Before joining Franklin School, Mr. Robinson was a teacher of elementary and middle school, a peer mentor, and ultimately an Assistant Principal at Martin Luther King Jr. School #6 in Passaic, New Jersey.  Mr. Robinson earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Literature and his Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Ramapo College of New Jersey, as well as a Master’s in Teaching from William Paterson University.  A dedicated self-proclaimed “life long learner”, Mr. Robinson is currently completing his doctorate in Educational Leadership from Caldwell University. 

    Mr. Robinson’s unwavering commitment is to the success and safety of our students. He firmly believes that education is a partnership between the school and families. He is dedicated to fostering open lines of communication, collaboration, and trust in order to create a supportive and enriching community that empowers students to reach their full potential.