• English

                                                                                                                “Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow.”


    The Middle School Language Arts Department is passionate about teaching the whole child. We focus on teaching the standards, and believe in a balance of rigor, project based learning, and social emotional learning.  Students will push themselves to be the best readers and writers they can be in their ELA classes!  We strive to create an atmosphere where students develop a love of literacy.  

    Megan Johnson- 7th and 8th Grade ELA- mjohnson@sbpsnj.org Johnson 7th grade syllabus 

    Colleen Sharpe- 8th Grade ELA  csharpe@sbpsnj.org

    Angela Frost-7th Grade ELA and 7th Grade Humanities-Room 211 afrost@sbpsnj.org    Frost Syllabus

    Alison Wickersheim-7th and 8th Grade ELA- awickersheim@sbpsnj.org     Wickersheim 8th Grade Syllabus      Wickersheim 7th Grade Syllabus

    Marian Kleinman- Basic Skills Instruction (BSI) English Grades 7-11, Room 117: mkleinman@sbpsnj.org  

    Margaret Arnold-  In Class Support Teacher marnold@sbpsnj.org

    Robyn Orosz- 8th grade ELA  rorosz@sbpsnj.org