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The Vision of the Salome H. Long Memorial School Library Media Center is to provide a safe atmosphere that allows students to be creative and informed researchers, readers, and seekers of knowledge in an environment that nurtures diversity, curiosity, and lifelong learning.

The Salome H. Long Memorial School Library Media Center is the central hub of learning within the school. It is a place where students and educators alike are free to be creative in the teaching and learning of essential skills that are necessary to navigate the world of academics. Learners will develop the ability to think clearly, critically, and creatively about their choices and have the right to choose what they will read, view, and hear. Educators will be provided with the knowledge and resources to aid students in achieving their learning goals.

Learners will be encouraged to read for enjoyment on a regular basis, complete research tasks under the guidance of the certified School Library Media Specialist, and become proficient in the use of all types of technology and media available at Salome H. Long Memorial School. Diversity and curiosity will be nurtured in a comfortable, judgement-free environment. Most importantly, students will be encouraged to become lifelong learners and take these important skills with them into college, careers, and beyond.

Technology and Curriculum

The Salmone H. Long Memorial School Library Media Center is equipped with 29 Chromebooks for students use. All students in grades 3-6 have an email address that will allow them to sign into Google Suite and access Google Classroom.  


All students in grades K-2 will have 1 period of Library/Media a week. Students will learn basic computer, research, and library skills. They will also learn digital citizenship. Students in grades 1 & 2 will be using a grade level Google Account to access all the Google available resources wihtout having their own user name and password. Students in grade 3 will recieve their own Google account. Please note that they will not have access to email. The account username (email) is to access Google Apps for Education only.


All students in grades 4-6 will have 1 period of collaborative Library/Media a week. The students will work with their classroom teacher and the Library Media Specialist during a Science or Social Studies class period. These classes will enhance the learning already being done in the classroom. Students will learn how to conduct research properly and ethically. They will also learn digital citizenship. Please note that grade 4 will not have access to email while grades 5 & 6 will have limited access within the Saddle Brook district. 


*Parent's Guide to Google Classroom:

Salome H. Long Memorial Media Website                                                            This link takes you to the Media Center site that is broken down by grade levels. I will update the site periodically with lessons and extra resources students can utilize in class and at home.


 Common Sense Media: Digital Citizenship is an integral part of the Library Media curriculum. "All students need digital citizenship skills to participate fully in their communities and make smart choices online and in life." (Common Sense Media)

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