Bergen's Promise

Helping families in need, get the care they deserve

To get started, watch the 3-minute video below to understand the NJ Children's System of Care and the PerformCare referral process by which your family can receive services through the Bergen County system partners like Bergen's Promise.



If you find your child in one of these situations


Social, Emotional or Behavioral Issues    

Developmental or Learning Disabilities

Problems with Substance Use

  • Your child is demonstrating social, emotional and/or behavioral issues that are impacting their education.
  • You are struggling with your child’s repeated absences from school or refusal to attend school.
  • Your child shows aggression towards others, or is bullying others or is being bullied.
  • Your child experienced a death, divorce, relocation, or traumatic event and is not adjusting well.
  • You are struggling to meet the needs of a child who is living with a developmental disability.
  • A friend, teacher or other trusted adult expressed concerns about your child.
  • Your child’s substance use or refusal to comply with home rules is causing major conflict among family members.

We Can Help!

Call PerformCare at (877) 652-7624 to begin the referral process.   PerformCare is the contracted administrator for the NJ Children's System of Care.