October Correspondence


Good Evening, 

Dr. Fanning's COVID vaccine information session is posted on our COVID Communication site: https://www.sbpsnj.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=859.

We also met as a Pandemic Response Team this week, and I wanted to provide some updates to our school community at this time. 

  • Desk shields will no longer be required during instructional time. Teachers may keep them in their classroom for use during snack and/or lunch time.
  • We will move forward with planning to have field trips. This is contingent on buses and drivers being available, and with the understanding that trips may be canceled due to COVID cases, transmission rates, etc at the time of  the trip. There will be future meetings regarding our 6th and 8th grade overnight trips.
  • The leadership team will develop guidelines for our PTO events within the next few weeks and will share with the PTO Presidents. 
  • Students in grades 4, 5, and 6 will start switching classes for academic content areas as they did pre-COVID (grade 4 for science/social studies and grades 5 & 6 for math/English/Science/Social Studies. 
  • MSHS method of instruction for quarantined students will be determined by the teacher. Teachers may choose to livestream, bird's eye view (meaning student logs in to view classroom instruction but doesn't interact with the class - similar to viewing BOE meetings on YouTube), or asynchronous Google Classroom.  Specific courses may warrant different methods - depending on the structure of the course, student population, etc.  Teachers were informed that they  need to clearly communicate their method of instruction to the student and parent(s) when this applies. 
  • ELEM method of instruction for quarantined students will consist of livestreaming for reading, writing, word work, and mathematics.
    • Students in K-3 will complete a posted activity on Google Classroom for science and/or social studies.
    • Students in 4-6 will participate in live instruction for science and/or social studies. 
    • Special area teachers (art, music, physical education, world language, media) will post an assignment in the teacher's Google Classroom.
    • Students will be responsible for independent reading as assigned by their teacher. 
    • Students are expected to be present and engaged from home during live instruction.
    • Students who are not present virtually will be marked absent.  

These changes will begin on Monday, October 4th. Thank you to all members of our Pandemic Response Team for their time and input. 


Toni Violetti, Superintendent of Schools

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