Summer Assignments & Supply Lists for September 2020

Elementary Summer Assignments

  • Students entering grades one through six have both a reading and a math assignment. Click here for full directions: Elementary Summer Assignment Instructions

    Elementary Reading:  Students are to log into using the login information sent to their school email. Any child that did not receive a login, may contact Toni Violetti at  The Biblionasium site is a place to log in your reading, write book reviews, and find great books to read.  Each student is required to log in three books, and write a review for each. 

    Elementary Math: Students are to log into using the login information sent to their parent's email.  Any child that did not receive a login, may contact Toni Violetti at  The IXL site is accessible via a computer or their free app.  (If using the app, you need to put @saddlebrooksd after your child's username to log in. Once you log in, all students are asked to work on the Diagnostic (by clicking on Diagnostic at the top). Please read the Diagnostic Instructions handout below for more directions. There is no set stop time for the diagnostic. The information the program receives from your child's performance on the Diagnostic will help create their Recommendation Wall.  Each student is asked to work on IXL for a minimum of one hour per week.  You can divide this hour among the week with whatever works best for your child.  Please see the following resources: 

MSHS Summer Assignments

    • All incoming 7-12 students will have a summer math assignment.  Students in Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, PreCalculus, and grade 7 and 8 math will work on  McGraw-Hill's Aleks online adaptive program.  Aleks login information was sent to the student's school email.  All other math courses have other summer work assigned from the teacher. 
      • The recommendation from the Aleks program to have a successful impact on student learning is to complete 10-12 topics per week.  Given this information, along with the remaining seven full weeks of summer, (and taking into account we all work at a different pace in mathematics) the following grade assignment will be applied to all of our MSHS students participating in Aleks:
        • 50 or more topics completed = an A test grade
        • 35-49 topics completed = B test grade
        • 20-34 topics completed = C test grade
        • 10-19 topics completed = D test grade
        • 9 topics or below = F test grade

                               The actual number assigned to the test grade will be reflective of the number of topics completed.

    • All incoming 7-12 students have a reading assignment that can be found below.
    • All students in Honors & AP course have summer assignments that can be found below.

Supply Lists for 2020-2021